Individuals in a large population of butterflies

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After sampling a few hundred individuals in a large population of butterflies, a scientist calculates that the frequency of a recessive allele for yellow wings is 0.3. What is the frequency of the dominant allele for blue wings? Assuming the population is in a Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, what are the estimated genotypic frequencies? Please show all of your math.

Reference no: EM131391036

How do you suppose that proteins manage to fold so quickly

Where would you expect the ends of α helices to be located in α protein? Why - How is it possible for a protein to change over 70% of its amino acids and still fold in the s

Completed the product vs. temperature experiment

Please provide two reasonable explanations for the observed data. B) If these data are, in fact from a temperature assay, would you suspect that the tubes had enzyme added t

Is this a strand of dna or rna

If DNA and a base were inserted at the beginning of the 5' end of the molecule, how would that affect protein synthesis and the resultant protein? (Hint: think about the cod

Describe the structure and function of receptors

Describe the structure and function of receptors involved in taste and olfaction. Describe how and why each of the following situations would affect someone's perception of fl

Write a review about the heart disease

I chose to do heart disease because my family has a history of it so I find it intriguing to research. Coronary heart disease also known as (CHD) is when your coronary arter

Physicians in the hospital setting

Physicians In The Hospital Setting  What does it mean to have "privileges" at a hospital? can you find a court case the dealt with an issue relating to a physician's privilege

Calculate the hydraulic gradient between two wells

Calculate the hydraulic gradient between two wells that are 400 feet apart. One well is at an elevation of 150 feet above sea-level (ground surface) and the depth to the wat

What fraction of the progeny

The Rr and Ss genes are linked and 10 map units apart. In the cross Rs/rS x rs/rs, what fraction of the progeny will be RS/rs? What fraction of the progeny will be rs/rs?


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