Individual gas and liquid mass transfer coefficients

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A mass transfer tower operating at 1 atm and 300 K uses water, which enters free of ammonia at the top, to reduce the ammonia (NH3) concentration in air exhausted from a reactor. At one plane (W) in the tower, the concentrations of ammonia in the liquid phase and at the interface are 35.2 mol/m3 and 41.5 mol/m3 respectively. The individual gas mass transfer coefficient is 1.1 mol/(m2 s ), and 20% of the resistance to mass transfer is in the gas phase. At 300 K, the Henry’s constant is 150 atm and water density is 998 kg/m3 . .

A. Interfacial and bulk pressure of ammonia in the gas at plane W (PAi, PAG).

B. Individual gas and liquid mass transfer coefficients (kg, kL)

C. Overall gas and liquid mass transfer coefficients (Kg, KL)

D. Molar flux (NA)

Reference no: EM13701688

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