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Individual Assignment: Strategic Position Statement Analysis

For this Individual Assignment you will 'deconstruct' what you think is the current strategic position of your organisation (based on research of the company

To prepare for this Individual Assignment:

  • Review the Readings and, in particular, examine the articles by Collis and Rukstad (2008), Mitchell et al. (2011) and Reeves et al. (2012).

To complete your Individual Assignment:

  • Conduct a thorough and well-argued strategy and strategic position evaluation which evaluates your selected company's recent and current strategy, either based on explicit information directly addressing strategy or based on inferential and circumstantial analysis of general information. Use the following questions to guide your analysis and summary:
  • Is your organisation's strategy and the specific action plans it has put in motion, consistent, and do all the elements align to support each other? How and why?
  • Are the activities, skills, competencies and capabilities of your company tailored to suppor its strategy? How and why?
  • Is the organisation's strategy, and the specific action plan steps it has taken, consonant with the current and future needs of the external ecosystem and stakeholder needs?  How and why?
  • Is the organisation's strategy, and the specific action plan steps it thas taken, feasible, given current and future investments? If not, what would make it feasible, and how can the company reach the stretch goal (intent)?
  • Does your company's strategy lead to incremental change within the industry, or more fundamental change within the industry, or does it establish new positions outside the industry or in blue ocean spaces? How and why is the scope of your company's strategy the most appropriate?
  • Does your company's strategy preserve any advantages of the company? Which advantages, and how and why?
  • Does your company's strategy position the company to perform activities differently than rivals do? How and why?
  • Has the company identified trade-offs and limitations of its strategic action plan? What are they and why?
  • Be sure to support your postings with evidence from the Readings and current literature. Consult the Harvard Referencing Style Guide for proper citation and referencing information.

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Reference no: EM13868235

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