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The foregoing shows that Smith is not a purely deontological thinker: not only the motives are decisive in his approach. A problem he nonetheless shares with Kant follows from the fact that he doesn't make it clear what makes a good action good. Kant doesn't give any further indications concerning the foundation of the notion ‘good'. Give a comprehensive on this.

Reference no: EM131105790

Problem regarding the firm production function

Suppose that a firm's production function is Q = 250L - L^2 , where Q represents units of output per week and L represents one worker. Output sells for $10 per unit, and the

Slope of the budget constraint

Comment: The slope of the indifference curve is the marginal rate of substitution (or the rate at which a consumer is willing to trade one good for the other to remain equal

Spend billions of dollars to fight antitrust suits

1. Why was Microsoft willing to spend billions of dollars to fight antitrust suits? 2. The case mentioned in the article on Blackboard was finally settled in 2002 with the

Aspects of the business environment

Which aspects of the business environment (economic, technological, sociocultural, political/legal, competitive) are affecting the proliferation of imitation retailers? Pro

Human resources limit the effectiveness

Besides the legal considerations, why does locating the responsibility for diversity initiatives in Human Resources limit the effectiveness of diversity initiatives in an or

Various subheadings in between

Ensure that you write a well-organized, well-supported, flowing paper that addresses the issue. Do not simply list these questions and answer them. You need to have an introdu

Accountable for improvement on the issues

You are Jennifer's CFO, and you believe you can couch Jennifer. How would you approach her and what would you say? What issues would you work with her on? How would you hol

Characteristics of the life of a manager

(a) What are the characteristics of the life of a manager and how do they influence management decision making? (b) Describe in detail one "Multi Attribute Utility (MAU)" dec


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