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Sam entered into a contract with Ben for the sale of cotton. A writing was made sufficient to indicate a contract for sale; it specified the quantity as "all the cotton to be produced on my 825 acres." That contract was signed by Sam. Does the writing satisfy the UCC Statute of Frauds (§2-201) against Sam? Explain.

Reference no: EM131109013

Greg and beth puckett for fraud

After exhaustive attempts to fix the smelly water problem, Julie hired a plumber, who connected the house to a municipal water system. The cost was $30,000. Julie sues Greg

Problem regarding the mcdonald corporation

This section will provide a comprehensive look at the distribution strategy of your organization. Begin with an identification of the distribution channels that should inclu

Loud and vocal about the leader he supports

I need a reply/response to these four discussion board answers. Just read the discussion board answers, and respond to the information you read. Just three to five lines res

Determining the appropriate time

Jimmy, at the appropriate time, tenders $500 cash to. Eric responds, "I'm sorry, Jimmy. I've sold the guitar to Mick." Jimmy sues both Eric and Mick. What result, and why?

The dutzel diesel case

Jack Haley, a senior supply manager for the Dynamite Truck Company, was confronted with an interesting predicament-and possibly a trip overseas. Rising gasoline costs and in

Develop a competitive advantage

1. Strategic competitiveness is achieved when a firm successfully formulates and implements a value-creating strategy 2. The goal of strategic management is to develop a compe

Lykins bears the risk of loss

Farmer stated that he would leave the tractor in his front yard, and Lykins agreed that an employee would pick up the tractor within a few days. On Wednesday, the tractor wa

Number of patients brought a lawsuit

In the Ohio case, Biddle v. Warren General Hospital, a number of patients brought a lawsuit against Warren General Hospital and a law firm, alleging the hospital unlawfully


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