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The textbook of this subject is Australian Business Law. PLEASE read the following details before writing the assignment

1) Assessment Details The purpose of the assignment is for you to undertake independent research into a particular aspect of law, to reflect on and consider particular legal issues and to apply your legal skills.

It is important for you to think through how to structure and present arguments, and to discuss what the law is or should be in a particular area.

This assessment task also gives you the opportunity to put some of the skills you have learned in tutorials into practice. The length of the assignment is to be approximately 2000 words. You are required to provide a word count with the assignment.

Do not include the references or bibliography in the word count. Comprehensive details relating to the assignment will be provided separately.

We recommend that you carefully read this information, making sure that when you write your assignment you answer the questions asked and address the criteria.

Most marks are given for analysis; very few marks are given for the mere stating of information.

2) Criteria used to grade this task • Apply knowledge of the purposes of commercial law and identify the relevant legal issues and related discussions: o Assessed through the depth of understanding of the topic and identification of relevant issues; o Identified through the accuracy of the substantive law (legislation and cases) used to support discussion; o Identified through the clarity and coherence of the debate/discussion (think of leading a non-lawyer reader along a pathway, explaining the features, their importance and impact);

Assessed through the quality of discussion and argument. • Justify your position by reference to: o Use of appropriate legal sources, particularly cases and legislation (it is appropriate to rely on the summaries of cases and legislation from secondary sources); and o The breadth and use made of relevant secondary legal sources, in particular a number of legal texts, internet sites and academic (peer reviewed) journal articles and books. • Communicate in the form of an essays and utilised legal problem solving: o Adopted an essay structure (introduction, body and conclusion) and/or adopted a problem solving format (IRAC) or similar; o Adopted English language conventions (grammar, paragraphing, spelling).

• Presentation and formatting suited to legal problem solving and for legal essays: o Utilise two main headings and it is recommended that you work to a problem solving method for question one and an essay format for question two; o Readable connected prose, NOT point form summaries;

o Accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraph construction and proofreading; o An appropriate font size = at least 12 point; o Effective use of headings; o Consistent and accurate acknowledgment of sources using a recognised style - both in relation to in-text referencing and bibliography.

This can be APA or footnoting but you MUST be consistent. o Typed and 1.5 or double-spaced; o Title page with student name and number, course code and name; o A4 paper; o Sequential page numbering. AND here are some SUGGESTIONS that my lecturer told me: The first question has a focus on agency and you should consider it from this perspective.

Although agency is the enabler for contract so it is also necessary to make mention of contract but keep the focus on agency. You may find IRAC as a method helpful in answering question one as it will enable you to follow a method to this response that will organise your thoughts. The case is difficult and to give you tips to get started, with question 1 I recommend that you analyse the facts closely and identify all the issue that require analysis.

Thereafter establish an order and work through these issues systematically considering the relevant law. As you go through the rules make sure you cite relevant authorities liberally when applying these to the facts. I know that you might have wanted tips directly relevant to the facts but I am afraid I would be giving away too much at this point and this is an important part of the learning journey that comes from completing an assessment in commercial law.


Reference no: EM131033782

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