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A local clinic is trying to implement a diabetes prevention program tailored to their patient population. Two major factors to preventing and controlling diabetes are exercise and weight. The clinic surveyed the patients to determine whether they would be more likely to attend group exercise sessions or cooking classes at the clinic. 45% said they would attend cooking classes, 20% say they would be interested in attending both, and 8% said they would not be interested in either opportunity.

Is attending group exercise sessions independent of attending group cooking classes?

Could someone please explain this for me?

a. Yes: P(E and C) ≠ P(E) * P(C)

b. Yes: P(E and C) ≠ 0

c. No: P(E and C) ≠ P(E) * P(C)

d. No: P(E and C) = P(E) * P(C)

e. No: P(E and C) ≠ 0

Reference no: EM132201211

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