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Hodge Inc. has some material that originally cost $74,600. The material has a scrap value of $57,400 as is, but if reworked at a cost of $1,500, it could be sold for $54,500. What would the incremental effect on the company's overall profit of reworking and selling the material rather than selling it as scrap? (Number will be negative)

Reference no: EM13115411

Prepare the year end entries for any amounts

Classical is the plaintiff in a $4 million lawsuit filed against a supplier. The suit is in final appeal and attorneys advise that it is virtually certain that Classical will

Shareholders equity category of diddlysquat company

a. Declared a 15% stock dividend to common shareholders on January 15. At the time of the dividend, the common shares were selling for S30 per share. The stock dividend was

What are the corporations amti and amt

Its accountant uncovered $87,000 in net positive adjustments and $2,000 of preference items in determining its alternative minimum taxable income. What are the corporation's

What might have caused caterpillars lifo reserve

For both companies, as of the end of 2009, the existence of a LIFO reserve demonstrates that LIFO inventory is less than it would have been if FIFO had been used. For both c

Maximum deduction for the charitable contribution

How much is the base amount to which the percentage limitation should be applied in computing the maximum deduction for the charitable contribution

Determining inventoriable cost per unit

Variable selling and administrative expenses are $1 per unit, and fixed selling and administrative costs are $3,000 in total. According to generally accepted accounting prin

Income statement for subscriptions revenue

In November and December 2010, Lane Co., a newly organized magazine publisher, received $90,000 for 1,000 three-year subscriptions at $30 per year, starting with the January

Demonstrate an understanding of the materials

Assume the role of Marketing Manager. Select a product (good or service) that is sold in the United States and has sales opportunities in a foreign market. Apply your critic


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