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In the last few years, Airbnb has become an increasingly popular option for travelers and homeowners. For those not familiar with the business model, Airbnb is a company that, for a fee, matches up short term renters with property owners. On the website, prospective customers can look at homes or apartments in a particular area, see the terms and amenities and contract for a particular amount of time, usually a few days or weeks. Home or apartment owners can screen prospective renters and set particular terms for the rental. In the last year, certain cities and/or areas have banned these transactions and claim that the Airbnb hosts are in actuality running "illegal hotels" not subject to the usual hotel health and safety regulations. Home owners are countering that they have the right to rent out the property they own.

How do you think the various theorists (utilitarian, libertarian, Rawls) would view this ban? Remember, your discussion is on the ethics of the law. Please discuss the different theories specifically.

Reference no: EM132280882

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