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A company received $75,000 cash from a bank loan that must be repaid in three years. Which of the following items would be increased by this bank loan transaction? (check all that apply) 1) Current Assets 2) Notes Payable 3) Revenue 4) Cash from Investing 5) Interest Payable

Reference no: EM131072437

Decrease net income-increase the cash flow from assets

An increase in the depreciation expense will do which of the following for a firm with taxable income of $80,000? Increase net income. Decrease net income. Increase the cash f

What is the firm market to book ratio

(Market value analysis) Lei Materials balance sheet lists total assets of $1.16 billion, $132 million in current liabilities, $415 million in long-terms debt, $613 million in

What will they include as the insurance expense

CR plc has an accounting year end of 31 December. They pay their buildings in annually. The insurance runs from 1 July to 30 June. Payment is made June for the forthcoming yea

What is luggets pre-tax cost of debt

Lugget Corp. has one bond issue outstanding with an annual coupon rate of 3.4%, a face value of $1,000 and a price of $1,034.12, which matures in 10 years. The company's tax r

Corresponding percent mark up based on the sale price

The percent mark up on a video game is known to be 108% based on cost. If the seller said $35 for one, then what would be the corresponding percent mark up based on the sale p

The two stocks must have different betas

he stock price of Company X doubled over the past year, the stock price of Company Z decreased by over 50%. Company X is the better stock investment today. The stock price of

What is the return on equity and share price

Share price is $40.00, expected dividend is $4.50 one year from now, growing thereafter at a rate of 3% per year in perpetuity. What is the return on equity? Expected dividend

New concrete mixer to replace an inefficient older model

Auburn Concrete Inc. is considering the purchase of a new concrete mixer to replace an inefficient older model that is completely worn out. If purchased, the new machine will


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