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GLENDA (31) is a single mother with two small children. She wants to become a health educator, and after several years of believing that she couldn't attend college, she obtained financial aid. Her sister has agreed to watch her children several nights a week while Glenda does her coursework. Everything is going well until Glenda's sister gets a new job and is unable to help with the kids. The following week her youngest child is sick, and she is late submitting her assignments. Glenda is catching up but worried about how she is going to balance her family responsibilities with her coursework.

BILL (26) recently received an honorary discharge from the Army. He was injured while serving overseas and was not planning on leaving the military for a long time. He isn't really sure what he wants to do, but everyone is telling him that getting a degree in Business Administration will help him land a good job. He has always done well in math but has struggled with writing good papers. After a few weeks, Bill is falling behind. With only two weeks left in the term, Bill has turned in only two papers in Professor Scott's class and is in danger of failing the course.

JAVIER (44) is the first person in his family ever to attend college. He immigrated to the United States with his family while in junior high school. Although he left school at 16 to help run the family business, he passed the GED exam a few years later. Javier has taken over the family business and although very successful, he is passionate about learning more about accounting and finance. He works over 50 hours per week, but four weeks into the term he has not been late on an assignment. Although he is off to a good start, Javier still has internal doubts that he is really college material.

ANGELA (48) currently works as a sworn law enforcement officer. While in the Air Force, working in military policing, she earned her associate's degree. After retiring from the Air Force she joined the police force of a large metropolitan city. Angela's sergeant has told her that it will be difficult to get promoted without a bachelor's degree. She is not excited about being back in school, but she needs the promotion. After doing well on her first assignment, she has been late on her next two papers. Angela just is not sure that she is self-motivated enough to complete her program.

Which of Professor Scott's students is most likely to succeed ? Pick one of Professor Scott's students and offer a strategy or solution that could increase their chance of success at Trident.

Reference no: EM13753087

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