Increase or decrease in co2 emission
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Sources of CO2 Emissions

Would you expect to see an increase or decrease in CO2 emission in the data over the past 40 years? Why?

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Name of City/Country

CO2 Emissions in 1990

CO2 Emissions in 2005


Barrow, Alaska U.S.




Summit, Greenland

No Data



Mauna Loa




American Samoa




South Pole



(ESRL Global Monitoring Division - Observatory Operations, n.d.)


With this lab we are trying to see how the increase in CO2 can affect the atmosphere.


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Carbon dioxide exists in the atmosphere of the planet earth. It is generated from the human activities on the earth. Fossil fuels, wood, living organisms are some of the several issues that contribute to the carbon dioxide. They do contain carbon in them. Carbon is used by the earth for sustaining the life cycle.

Plants for their biological cycles require carbon dioxide and the other species like human beings and animals depend on plants for their growth. Carbon dioxide is mostly produced by the human beings living on earth, carbon dioxide is liberated into the atmosphere by the respiration process, also other forms like wood burning, fossil fuel fuel combustion do contribute to the liberation of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are increasing steadily and they become a concern for all the human beings. Since 1950’s the Co2 levels are on growth. It is very much needed to track the carbon levels on the planet from time to time and they should be restricted and its growth should be curbed. (The carbon Cycle, n.d.)(The Carbon dioxide Greenhouse effect, n.d.)

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