Increase in income tax payable

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The following schedule relates the income statement with cash flows from operating activities, derived by both the direct and indirect methods, in the format illustrated by Graphic 21-10 in the chapter. Some elements necessary to complete the schedule are missing.



Complete the schedule by determining each of the following missing elements:

1. Cash received from customers
2. Cost of goods sold
3. ? in salaries payable (Increase? or decrease?)
4. Cash paid for depreciation
5. Interest expense
6. Cash paid for insurance
7. Increase in income tax payable
8. Net income

Reference no: EM131007940

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Federal income tax return

Use the following information to complete Paul and Judy Vance's 2014 federal income tax return. If information is missing, use reasonable assumptions to fill in the gaps.

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Using the costs assigned in Requirement 1, calculate the percentage error using the ABC costs as a benchmark. Comment on the value and advantages of this ABC simplification.

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Busybody company expects its november sales

BusyBody Company expects its November sales to be 20% higher than its October sales of $180,000. Purchases were $110,000 in October and are expected to be $160,000 in November


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