Incompetent or insanity

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If insanity is biological in nature or has a biological aspect, should people be charged with crimes they have committed if they are found to be incompetent or "insane"? Why or why not? for example the legal term "not guilty by reason of insanity."

Reference no: EM1359584

Compare relationship of informed consent and confidentiality

Compare the relationship of informed consent and confidentiality. What are the implications if informed consent and confidentiality are not followed? Discuss processes to ensu

Benefits-downfalls of individual-group counseling

Please give five or six reasons (including a short explanation for each) why a therapist would choose group therapy over individual counseling, or vice versa.

Explain role of gender in discussion on social status

Explain the role of race and gender in the discussion on mobility and social status. Explore and then explain why each generation achieved different levels of social mobility.

Why retailers adapt their products more to global markets

American fast food, music, and movies have become popular around the world with little product adaptation, whereas U.S. retailers, banks, and beer companies have had to adap

How can medicare and medicaid defray costs

How can Medicare and Medicaid defray costs? Most of those receiving Medicare and Medicaid benefits are not employed. How the recipients of these programs be categorized into d

What are the most important areas of personal growth

What are the most important areas of personal growth that you have experienced as a communicator? Identify personal insights and communication competencies that are part of

Legends of virgin birth

Why do you think that stories of Virgin Births were common in the ancient world? What were these stories attempting to convey and do you think that they are allegorical or l

What are some suggestions for addressing the issue

What are some suggestions for addressing this issue? What is the role of nursing as it relates to the identified issue? Identify the source where you first learned about this


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