Incompatible goals is technically an interpersonal conflict

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Each of us has had an interpersonal conflict in our life in which we have been the disputant, an agent or advocate, or a constituent. (Even a well functioning relationship that includes incompatible goals is technically an interpersonal conflict!)

Remember, as you respond to each of the following questions, we know nothing of the conflict so you need to provide enough detail so that we understand each party in the conflict and their issue(s).

A. Describe a conflict in full detail.

B. State whether it is active or (until you realized the presence of incompatible goals made it an interpersonal conflict) latent.

C. List the disputants, agents and advocates (if any), and constituents (if any), along with an explanation of what makes each of these persons a disputant, agent, advocate, or constituent.

Reference no: EM131036537

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