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2014 December 31, Eddy earned net income of $800,00. Eddy paid $5000 to Gordon. Gordon has 10% of Eddy's common shares. What amount should be reported on Gordon's 2014 income statement for the dividends received from Eddy and earnings announced by Eddy, respectively.

Reference no: EM131306252

Companies have for merging their business processes

Analyze the different alternatives that companies have for merging their business processes, and discuss the role IT would play in supporting those activities. Be sure to addr

Identify three implications of the emergence of the BRICs

Estimate the likely market evolution of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) over the next decade. What economic indicators might companies monitor to best guide their

What is the function of information technology department

What is the function of the information technology department at many workplaces. What is your opinion of the new law in Korea, the antigraft law. See the article in annouceme

Which opportunities is each worker likely to lack

Workers lack certain opportunities in various work settings. Compare an assembly-line worker in a highly automated plant to a secretary in a busy law office. Which opportuni

How do companies manage risk

Describe at least one new role emerging in organizations today as a result of social business. How do companies manage risk? What are the factors that contribute to a high-ris

Evaluate the cost of each transprotation alternative

Carole Wilson, Transportation Manager of Applied Technologies, has a shipment of 150 computer monitors originating at the company's plant in Santa Fe Springs, California. Cros

Determine how many pizzas would have to sold to break even

The general store at state University is an auxiliary bookstore located near the dormitories that sells academic supplies, toiletries, sweatshirts and t shirts, magazines, pac

Create new business that you would like to operate

Create a new business that you would like to operate. Would you select an LLC, an LLP, or a corporation to form your company? Provide a detailed explanation as to why that ent


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