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Message Strategies: Proposals Either to create opportunities in a slow job market or to avoid traditional employment altogether, some college graduates create their own jobs as independent freelancers or as entrepreneurs launching new companies.

Your task:

Assemble a team of classmates as your instructor directs, then brainstorm all the services you could perform for local businesses. Identify as many services as you can that are related toyou and your teammates’ colleges majors and career interests, but also include anything you are willing to do to generate revenue.

Next, identify a specific company that might have some opportunities for you. Outline and draft a short proposal that describes   what your team can do for this company, how the company would benefit from your services, why you’re the right people for the job, and how much you propose to charge for your services. Remember that this is an unsolicited proposal, so be sure introduce your proposal accordingly.

Reference no: EM131142929

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