Incentive pay being linked to individual performance

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1. Analyze the benefits and consequences of incentive pay being linked to an individual’s performance. How can these consequences be resolved?

2. A bottling plant fills 2,400 bottles every two hours. The lead time is 20 minutes and a container accommodates 80 bottles. The safety stock is 10 percent of expected demand. How many kanban cards are needed? (Round up your answer to the next whole number.)

Number of kanban card sets            

3. What legal obligations must a company meet in setting up a pay structure in the US? Which of these would be the most challenging for a small organization? Why? Use examples from your personal experiences or current events to support your answer.

Reference no: EM132184491

Case study - forces model

You have been working for some time at Unique Shoes, a local shoe store that specializes in unusual shoe designs and custom fitting. Currently, customers come to the store to

Solve a mathematical programming model

Three cleaning crews are available for a job that requires an area of 1000 square feet to be cleaned. The job can be performed either by a single cleaner or by a combination o

Difference between project risk mitigation-risk avoidance

Describe the difference between project risk mitigation and risk avoidance. take one side of the debate on which is a better strategy to circumvent variances in your planned p

Creative of value for market need product will satisfy

Discuss role of efficiency and effectiveness in the creative of value for the market need the product will satisfy. Of these 3 variables, which one is most important to the co

Engage in planning activities at all organizational levels

Managers engage in "Planning" activities at all organizational levels, from strategic planning at the executive leadership level, to budgeting and other resource planning at m

Diversification that is intended to make shareholders

Diversification that is intended to make shareholders better off by increasing the value are addressed by three reasons.  What three reasons? Please be detailed. Based on Stra

Management emphasis on routine for efficiency

The __________ bureaucracy results in a management emphasis on routine for efficiency. The __________ bureaucracy results in a management emphasis on routine for efficiency.

Used for handling linear programming problems

Conduct Internet research of the types of customer applications that are used for handling linear programming problems. Search the Web sites of software vendors for an example


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