In your search for mutants of your favorite gene

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In your search for mutants of "your favorite gene" (yfg) youidentify a mutant which you believe to be a transposon insertion. At your disposal you havea point mutant of yfg. How can you distinguish this potential yfg transposondisruption from a nontransposon mutation?

Which cloning vectors are best suited for the production of genomicDNA libraries with an insert size of 200Kbp? Describe one vector: What are theimportant features of the vector? What purpose does this vector serve in molecularbiology and genetics?

Successful sequencing runs may obtain error free sequences for upto 1000 base pairs. Cosmid vectors have inserts up to 45000 base pairs. Suggest astrategy to obtain a complete sequence of a cosmid insert.

Reference no: EM13534432

Atmosphere conditions of wind speed

Question 1: Summarize the role that the atmosphere conditions of wind speed, temperature, and stability potentially impact plume modeling activities with a Gaussian model.

Pathogen streptococcus pneumoniae

- What special advantage does the capsule confer on the pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae? - Why are those who have been vaccinated against Streptococcus pneumoniae more resis

Write an essay on dna in forensic science

Write an essay on DNA in forensic science, Discuss the applications of each of following in biology today and include three examples of each with a brief description

List 6 recognized medicinal uses for marijuana.

Briefly explain conclusions from research for marijuana use and driving.(what kind of impairment from marijuana use might make driving dangerous, what do research reports fr

Explain the circuitry and function of the cerebellum

Explain the circuitry and function of the cerebellum. Next, explain one of the following: a trained baseball player who is interfering with his swing by over-thinking it,

What is the key step in spermatogenesis

What is the key step in spermatogenesis that allows for unlimited sperm production? This step is not present in oogenesis, and therefore only a finite number of eggs could b

What is the effect on their hearing

An autopsy on an alien humanoid shows that a structure analogous to the superior olivary nucleus is much closure to the cochlea than it is in humans. What is the effect on the

Compute the surface area of volume ratio of a cube

Compute the surface area of volume ratio of a cube whose sides are 100 um in length to approximate surface area to volume ratio of the fern spore cell.


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