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Research conducted by Bradberry and Greaves (2003) shows that emotional intelligence skills are more important to job performance than any other leadership skill. By increasing your own self-awareness and observing your own behavior, you will find areas where you can improve your communication abilities. Choose a leader whom you know well and evaluate his or her emotional intelligence competency from the perspective of emotional intelligence theory. In what ways is this leader emotionally intelligent? What is his or her greatest need for improvement in emotional intelligence?

REAL LIFE APPLICATION: Of the four competencies of emotional intelligence (becoming self-aware, self-management, social awareness, relationship management), which do you find the most challenging in your leadership? What are two specific goals that you will set in order to increase your emotional intelligence competency? A critical component of growth as a leader is to develop a peer network through professional organizations, such as the American Management Association, that are related to your degree field. Include in your goals the most relevant professional organization within your degree field and whether you will become a member. Also include in your goals whether you will utilize a mentor or coach to help you grow as a leader.

Reference no: EM13942108

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