In what ways is the movie 300 clearly wrong when it comes

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Source Analysis Assignment

This Source Analysis Assignment (S.A.A.) for this module is completed in two parts. One is a submission of a blog of between 350 and 450 words, which you will submit here. Make sure to use your textbook and outside sources (including the web) to formulate your writeup. You must list your references at the end of your writeup even if you are not using a direct quotation. If you are using a direct quote, then you must use quotation marks and reference the document in the body of the text (for example Levack, p. 331). The second part of the assignment is to read what another student's blog and then for you to comment on it in no less that 40 words, but not more than 70 words. The comment should NOT be on one of their short comments, but on the longer blog (350 to 450 words).

Read and/or watch the following and make sure to comment directly on the primary source (original historical source document):

Watch the following two videos:

The True History About 300 The Movie, Spartans, Part 1

Part 2

Use website resources to investigate this topic.

Answer the following:

In what ways is the movie 300 (2006) clearly wrong when it comes to the historical facts?

Reference no: EM13972060

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