In what ways have you experienced workplace stress
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As employees experience stress-related problems, organizations often become interested in finding ways to manage the stress more effectively. Discuss work-role stressors, including job ambiguity, role conflict, lack of control, physical work conditions, interpersonal stress, and organizational change. Discuss what organizations should do to address stress.

Real life application: In what ways have you experienced workplace stress? How did you address it? How did the organization you worked at address your stress levels?

Create a PowerPoint presentation (no more than 3 slides) that presents common work-role stressors including those listed above. Discuss organizational solutions, especially in your workplace. Real life application: In what ways have you experienced workplace stress? How did you address it? Upload your slides using the Schoology File icon


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The assignment is about the topic "stress management in the workplace". In this topic we will discuss the different types stress management, the causes of the stress management and the measures to deal with the stress management in the workplace. The PPT has 4 slides, in which the first slide is regarding the title of the topic and the remaining slides are about the content.

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