In what way is thewriters you have chosen in the eraheroes

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You task is to write a scientific report, it must be about 1800 words and not much less or any further. You must work with it very thorough in order to do it in a very good way. In other words, first and foremost this is a scientific report and should be done exactly like the points down below. Your report must be about writers in aspecific era. In other words you must take a period of time, either; "The Age of Enlightenment" or "The Renaissance". . Then, after you have select the era, you must select three writers from that era. After you've done all that you must start analyzing around the following question, and beware this question is also your issue-question which you will proceed from when you start writing the work;

- In what way is thewriters you have chosen in the eraheroes, meaning; in what way are they heroes in their time,but also how have/did they reflect the society they lived in. (Only that question must be analyzed nothing else)! Remember write/analyze the answer to that question, in a scientific way. In other words, read from different articles and stuff like that in order to deeply understand it. Answer the question in a very clear and through way! Also remember- the whole work must be about 1800 words.

Reference no: EM13788180

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