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Company XYZ faces severe economic challenges Description of Company: Located in Wausau, WI
Has employed 300 people for nearly 75 years
Manufactures glass and plastic milk containers
Impacted since 2008 by economic downturn
Manufacturing costs spiraling up

Owners must decide between the following options:

1. Take huge bank loan to retool company into a robotics operation resulting in 225 permanent layoffs
2. Relocate to Argentina resulting in closing down Wausau plant
3. Declare bankruptcy/close Company.In what sense is this a business problem? A community problem? An individual problem?You are responsible for developing a plan of action for the Board of Directors. 

Develop and use the following strategies as part of your research and decision-making plan:

1. Identify issues 
2. Rank affinities
3. Pre-test affinities using a focus group
4. Analyze data
5. Create a synopsis of a presentation for the Board of Directors 

Reference no: EM13971090

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