In what areas this member may improve in future

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Part 1) Submit a 1000-words self-reflective essay on your learning in this course, on challenges faced, and on the relevance of this course for your career. Include an assessment of the value of your degree, and a personal five-year strategic plan that addresses the type of job, industry, company, salary, etc. that you will pursue after graduation. Please keep in mind that this requires a significant amount of critical thinking and will require more than a few hours of work.

Part 2) This evaluation should explain the proportionate contribution of each member in about 100-125 words each (including self), and the grade each member deserves. Each member may receive different grades for the assignment based on the instructor's assessment of the evidence on the contributions and leadership of each member. Include appropriate examples while commenting on the following areas:

a) What were the main contributions of this member? (e.g. research, group harmony, scheduling, organization, writing, oral, visual, etc.)

b) In what ways this member contributed to the growth of other members?

c) In what ways did this member show growth based on the feedback received and otherwise?

d) In what areas, this member may improve in future?

Reference no: EM131156396

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