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1. In terms of influencing output, when the economy is operating at near full employment output relative to when the economy is operating at levels of output well below full employment

True or False?

2. During the the Great Recession, the aggregate expenditure curve shifted downward and the short run aggregate supply curve and the aggregate demand noth shfted to the left.

True or False?

Reference no: EM13834034

Money supply in the form of new checking accounts

If banks desire to retain excess reserves of 10% of total checking accounts and borrowers hold 10% of their new checking accounts (loans) for liquidity purposes and do not spe

Price discrimination of second degree

(Price Discrimination of Second Degree) A monopolist has 2 sets of customers distinguished by their demand functions p1=15-p1 and p2=25-2(q2)respectively. The total cost funct

Frequently gets mixed up when explaining macroeconomics

Sandra is an inexperienced teaching assistant who frequently gets mixed up when explaining macroeconomics. When trying to deliver the following statement, Sandra draws a blank

Monopoly and monopolistic competition

Analyze the differences and similarities among firms for two different market structures: Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition. Clearly demonstrate how both types of firms de

Natural gas-fired commercial boiler

Your company needs to replace its natural gas-fired commercial boiler. The old model (with basic features) has a capacity of 50 MBtu/hr and was purchased in 2007 at the cost

What will be the equilibrium price

Industry demand is given by: QD = 1000 - P All firms in the industry have identical and constant marginal and average costs of $50 per unit. If the industry is perfectly compe

Two firms are competing for output

Two firms are competing for output. Leader firm market demand is P=1200-Q and other firm demand is Q2=400-0.5Q1. Marginal cost for both is $200. How much is output for firm 1

Elasticity and marginal revenue holds

Calculate the price elasticity and write it only as a function of q. Calculate the marginal revenue. Draw demand and marginal revenue together on 1 graph. Show that the expect


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