In major task you are assumed as a digital forensics
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In major task you are assumed as a Digital Forensics Examiner. Considering a real or a hypothetical case you are required to produce a formal report consisting of facts from your findings to your attorney who has retained you. You are free to choose a forensics scenario which can be examination of a storage media (HDD, USB Drive etc), spoofed email, unscrambling bits, revealing information from an image or any other appropriate scenario you can think of.


This assessment task covers data validation, e-discovery, steganography, reporting and presenting, and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on a regular basis. More specifically it seeks to assess your ability to:

  • determine the legal and ethical considerations for investigating and prosecuting digital crimes
  • analyse data on storage media and various file systems
  • collect electronic evidence without compromising the original data;
  • evaluate the functions and features of digital forensics equipment, the environment and the tools for a digital forensics lab;
  • compose technical tactics in digital crimes and assess the steps involved in a digital forensics investigation;
  • prepare and defend reports on the results of an investigation


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I observed mainly three files in the Pen drive image that was detained from house of the suspect. The files were covered using uncomplicated methods such as removing files (in one of the case), changing the File Allocation Table (FAT) and the main entries of the directory, and also by altering the name in the file. The three files are: 1) a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, 2) a Microsoft Word document, and 3) a JPEG image file.

The Microsoft Excel file was encrypted and compressed with a Winrar ZIP program, however luckily it was easy to find out the password from the image of the floppy disk image. These three significant files are supposed to give the Police Department the knowledge that they need to have a strong case in opposition to the guilty and his probable assistants. (Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide, 2014)

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