In eight years kent duncan will retire he is exploring the
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In eight years, Kent Duncan will retire. He is exploring the possibility of opening a self-service car wash. The car wash could be managed in the free time he has available from his regular occupation, and it could be closed easily when he retires. After careful study, Mr. Duncan has determined the following:

a. A building in which a car wash could be installed is available under an eight-year lease at a cost of $2,100 per month.

b. Purchase and installation costs of equipment would total $215,000. In 8 years the equipment could be sold for about 10% of its original cost.

c. An investment of an additional $2,200 would be required to cover working capital needs for cleaning supplies, change funds, and so forth. After 8 years, this working capital would be released for investment elsewhere.

d. Both a wash and a vacuum service would be offered with a wash costing $2.00 and the vacuum costing $3.00 per use.

e. The only variable costs associated with the operation would be 29 cents per wash for water and 19 cents per use of the vacuum for electricity.

f. In addition to rent, monthly costs of operation would be: cleaning, $450; insurance, $74; and maintenance, $500.

g. Gross receipts from the wash would be about $2,100 per week. According to the experience of other car washes, 60% of the customers using the wash would also use the vacuum.

Mr. Duncan will not open the car wash unless it provides at least a 12% return. (Ignore income taxes.)To determine the appropriate discount factor(s) using tables, click here to view Exhibit 12B-1 and Exhibit 12B-2. Alternatively, if you calculate the discount factor(s) using a formula, round to three (3) decimal places before using the factor in the problem.

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