In crisis and reform

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In Crisis and Reform: 

Current Issues in American Punishment, Alexis Durham writes,"The ongoing debate about how women prisoners ought to be treated relative to their male counterparts will be a failure if it does not lead us to reconsider the predicates of the largely ineffective correctional system now in operation working through the problems of gender in the correctional system represents a terrific opportunity to rethink global correctional objectives, assess the utility of the approaches that have been tried, and refresh our thinking about what is likely to prove useful in the future. Write a reaction paper to the quote in which you explore global correctional objectives, the effectiveness of the approaches that have been tried in attempts to realize correctional objectives and possible new approaches that appear to be promising in addressing the crisis in our correctional institutions.

Research paper examines the effectiveness of approaches that have been employed to realize correctional objectives, including some relatively recent approaches.

Reference no: EM13646

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