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In a biochemical pathway, three ATP molecules are hydrolyzed. The endergonic reactions in the pathway require a total of 17.3 kcal/mole of energy to drive the reactions of the pathway. What is the overall change in free energy of the biochemical pathway? Is the overall pathway endergonic or exergonic?

Reference no: EM13526772

How many different phenotypes are possible

Consider a discontinuous trait relating to the management of cholesterol in humans. Assume the trait is controlled by just 2 unlinked genes. For the cholesterol receptor gen

Help of an enzyme produced within a cell

The maltose molecule can be broken down into two individual glucose molecules with the help of an enzyme produced within a cell. Which of the following changes is most likel

When we graph the cfus/ml

When we graph the CFUs/ml and absorbance on the same graph, we would hope to see an upward trend for both. Sometimes the absorbance continues to rise after the CFUs/ml level

How the information stored in dna

At the startingof the spring, Dr. Peter Erlenmeyer notices that there is an equal distribution of long and short stemmed dandelions in the vacant lot across the street from hi

Physician would hear in herstethoscope

Hans had had a strep throat two weeks before he was to start anew job. He had to complete some work before he could resign fromhis old position so he ignored the bacterial i

What are main types of enzyme mediated reactions in cells

Cells remainorganized for long periods of time and new, orgnized cellsform. why does this not go agaist the Second Law ofthermodynamics ? What are the main types of enzyme med

Random combination of nucleotides

A population of RNA is made by the random combination of nucleotides. The RNA contains only A and G nucleotides (3A:1G). What amino acids and in what proportionswould be incor

Define a dimple in chin is a dominant characteristic

A man with a chin dimple and a non dimpled woman produce eight children, all having the chin dimple. Can you be certain of the man's genotype? Why or why not? What genotype is


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