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A specific geographic area that I feel could be improved for crime prevention (Houston, TX). The area should be an easily accessed public area such as a city block, neighborhood, shopping center, school or shared community space such as a hospital, park or athletic grounds. When I define the parameters of the area-- do not take on a space too large that it cannot be addressed with a reasonable series of crime prevention techniques and resources.
Take pictures of the area that highlight potential problems that may increase crime, incivility or disorder as our text indicates may involve risks for public safety. Take 8 - 10 photos and prepare them in a document where you briefly describe the area and its location, the significance of the area and activities that occur there. Outline the extent of the problems that you see there, the elements of the problem, what factors seem to contribute to the problem and how you think those elements might be related to increased crime risk. Cite the textbook if possible when you identify these problem elements. This assignment is for problem identification only. Make sure you describe what you see accurately and clearly. Make sure your photos clearly demonstrate the problems. It would also be good to submit a diagram of your area and indicate on the diagram where each photo would appear. Submit as one complete document; do not submit a series of files or photos.

Reference no: EM13318883

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