Improve upon a high return on invested capital

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If you were appointed the Chief Financial Officer for a hotel company, and your objective is to improve upon a high return on invested capital. Of the two options provided below, which strategy would you select: The building of all new hotels within the company Have a combined strategy that could include the sale of assets, entering into management contracts, adding rooms to existing hotels, get out of leases that are not profitable, joint ventures Explain why chose that strategy. What benefits would that choice provide your company.

Reference no: EM132185060

Discuss current supply chain system at dimco

Independent caterers have more flexibility than o r types of businesses offering catering services. Discuss current supply chain system at DIMCO.

Seaburst construction project

You are the project manager for the Seaburst construction project. So far the proj- ect is progressing ahead of schedule and below budget. You attribute this in part to the go

Identify the types of enterprise applications implemented

Describe the business problem that is being solved by the enterprise application. Identify the type(s) of enterprise applications implemented and how these applications helped

Describe the main categories of risks in virtual management

Describe the main categories of risks in virtual management also explain the importance of planning for high-risk and catastrophic events. Explain how mobile communication too

Innovation is not about new products and changing behaviour

“Innovation isn’t about new products, it’s about changing behaviour.” a. Do you agree or disagree based on your knowledge of local companies and their innovation attitude and

Design a professional development program

Question: Assume that you have been assigned to design a professional development program to provide y our schools mentor teachers with knowledge about adult learning and de

The lake charles location would increase system

The Lake Charles location would increase system transportation costs by $50,000 per year, the Houma location by $60,000 per year, and the Gulf Port location by $29,600 per y

Relevant tool in marketing for all target markets

Do you believe that email is still a relevant tool in marketing for all target markets? Why? How has social media affected trends in marketing? What ethical considerations are


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