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1. The Criminal Justice System

The President has asked your advice on how to improve the operations of the criminal justice system. For him, improving the system means reducing crime. What would your suggestion be? How will it help reduce crime?

2. Many leading retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot and Office Max are leading the way in warehousing and delivery service automation. For example, Amazon is using autonomous Kiva robots to completely redefine the picking process. Research a leading manufacturer who is implementing advanced warehousing technology and write a brief description describing the technology, the level of commitment the company has in the technology.


Reference no: EM132184584

Define approaches to understanding motivation

Why do you think there are so many different theories or approaches to understanding motivation? Should it be possible to determine which one is best and just use it? Why, o

The perspective of both customer and organization

Email is massively popular, yet many companies deny customers the opportunity to interact with them in freeform email. Instead, they prefer to use web-forms which are predesig

About how to structure their estate plan

You have clients John and Anna in your office. They are married, both age 65. John and Anna own 480 acres of farmland, worth about $1,500,000 plus approximately $500,000 other

Developing diagnostic-analytical skills-timing of job offer

Does it make a difference when a job offer is made? For many, the answer may be no, but then, in HRM things are rarely cut and dried. Consider the events that took place in ea

Systems thinking for resolving organizational problems

Identify and describe the main components and issues of the organization, financing and delivery of health services and public health systems in the US. Highlight at least one

How such opportunity could also limit scope creep

State why a key motive for risk management is the identification of opportunities that can change a project's budgeting or scheduling plans. Give at least one example from y

Design document and revised gantt chart or project plan

This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a design document and a revised Gantt chart or project plan. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion o

Develop new software applications

Microsoft is weighing setting up an R&D facility in India to develop new software applications. Should it staff the new facility with Microsoft employees? Indian employees? Or


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