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Students will be required to select a well established, blue chip company. You will do research on your selected company, and answer the following questions:

1.- you are the new CEO of the company who is looking to improve the effectiveness of the company. Perform a SWOT analysis, and discuss strategies to correct the weakness and threats that you have uncovered.

2.- Discuss three new innovative ideas, products or services you will bring to the company so you are better able to compete in the global marketplace.

3.-How are you going to motivate your employees to achieve more when you realize that you do not have the resources to increase compensation? Discuss at least four strategies.

4.-Go to the website of Business week, or Fortune and select an article about the management of the company that you have selected that is at least one page in length. Submit a copy of the article and critique it.

5.-Go to the website of the company that you selected. Locate the topics of ethics and social corporate responsibility. If you cannot find these, then type the topics into the search box on the website. Do you feel your company is ethical and socially responsible? Why or why not? Give three concrete examples relating to ethics and social responsibility from the website or your knowledge of the company.

6.-As the CEO of your company, you need to look at the issues from a global perspective to increase sales. How are you going to address each one of the following while doing what is in the best interests of all the stakeholders of the company? ( define at least 5 stakeholders)

A.- Outsourcing more of your work which reduces the number of U.S. citizens you employ, but reduces Labor costs? Why?

B.-Where will you place your customer call centers? What issues does this create?

C.-Are you going to be an advocate for free trade or protectionist legislation? Why?



The paper must be double spaced with 1 inch margins using 12 point font.

You must have a cover sheet, with your name, date, the course name, and the company that you have selected.

You must have a Table of Contents listing the format of the project.

The report must be at least 6 pages of written content. ( any references that you have used must be listed on an additional sheet of paper.


Reference no: EM13711658

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