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Brand - Milo (Singapore)

Scope of assignment:

1. Overview of product

a. Background, representations, products, operations

2. Advertising Strategy

a. Based on research, present the current strategy and tools used in promotions/branding. You must support your findings with research and citations.

b. Include appropriate labelling of the tools (traditional versus new/non-traditional) with examples, explain its usage in the given context.

c. Evaluate the current strategy stated in (b). Discuss if it is successful/relevant or otherwise. You must substantiate your conclusions with relevant research.

3. Recommendations (must be practical)

a. Based on the current strategy/tools used, discuss what els could be done to improve the Advertising approach. In your recommendations, you must explain how each proposed tool will assist to narrow the gaps/improve the reach of advertising

4. Conclusion

a. Summarize your assignment, highlighting key points and take a stand as if the advertising strategy is successful in your product

Word count: 2500-3000

Reference: Minimum 10, APA format

Reference no: EM131193776

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