Improve lives of children by improving quality of parenting

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Parenting In America

For this Part, you will choose ONE of the following prompts

Parenting Part Options

Option One

Parents have the right to choose parenthood and bear its consequences. For this Part, conduct research on the topic, "Is it possible to improve the lives of children by improving the quality of parenting?" and submit a 1.5 to two-page report on the same.


Option Two

Computer technology has revolutionized parenting. For better or worse, many of us-practically from birth to adulthood-spend much of our time staring at a screen. If you choose this prompt, you will need to research, compare, and contrast how their childhood varied from the children of the present generation. Specifically, I would like for you to focus the discussion on play time, internet usage, and other activities.  You should submit a two-page report on you findings.

For either Part, please remember to always cite your sources.

Reference no: EM13524925

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