Impossible trinity of international macroeconomics

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Economists sometimes refer to the attempt by countries to fix their exchange rates, control thier money supply, and operate with open capital accounts in their balance of payments (that is , to have no restrictions on capital movements) as the "impossible trinity" of international macroeconomics. Based on what you have learned so far, would you agree that this combination of policies is impossible to achieve? Explain.

Reference no: EM13888374

Present value of lifetime earnings in alternative

John lives for three periods. He is currently considering two alternative education-work options. Alternative 1: he can start working immediately, earning $100,000 in period 1

What happens to the afc per paper and the mc per paper

If sales fall by 20 percent from 1 million papers per month to 800,000 papers per month, what happens to the AFC per paper, the MC per paper, and the minimum amount that y

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Suppose the U.S. government begins this year with no debt. The expenditures listed below do not include interest on debt. What is the budget deficit? How much must the Treasur

The profit maximization problem and optimality conditions

Write down the profit maximization problem and optimality conditions. What is the technical rate of substitution? What is the rate of transformation? What is my demand for L?

What is elasticity of supply at the solution point

Find Q*, P*, consumer surplus, producer surplus, and total variable costs. Make a graph and label it. What is the elasticity of supply at the solution point? What is the elast

Load the blue spruce light up data

Load the Blue Spruce Light Up Data (latest file, through 2013). Extract and specify a model that predicts Cars through the gate as a function of Price and Average Daily Tempe

Accounting profit and a variable cost is one that changes

Accounting profit is: A variable cost is one that changes: In the short run, which of the following is likely to be a variable cost to a physician? Production of Hollywood mov

The production possibilities frontiers in the figure

The production possibilities frontiers in the figure to the right show how many bananas and coconuts you? (Y) and your neighbor? (N) can consume without trade. Suppose you are


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