Imposition of antidumping duties

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the US Department of Commerce has "decided that display prices by Japanese companies in their home market may be artificially low. Rather than comparing US prices with Japanese prices, Commerce is now coming up with their own 'fair' price based on a formula accounting for the costs of materials, research, and return on investment." Do you think this procedure is more or less likely to result in imposition of antidumping duties than one in which prices charged by Japanese displays in the US are compared with actual prices for the same displays in Japan? Why? Which procedure would you prefer to see used? Why?

Reference no: EM131431767

Calculate the present value of plan

Suppose that you win the state lottery. You have two options to receive your winnings. Plan 1 pays you a lump-sum amount of $300,000. Plan 2 pays you $20,000 today, $100,000 a

Find the p-value associated with the test statistic

A beer distributor claims that a new display, featuring a life-size picture of a well-known athlete, will increase product sales in supermarkets by an average of at least 50 c

Describe how the activities influenced your awareness

Describe how the activities influenced your awareness and understanding of the interrelationship between business and society and describe how the readings and journalling ac

What are the equilibrium price and quantity in this market

A market for baby bottles has the following supply and demand functions qS = 6 + 3p qD = 14 2p. What are the equilibrium price and quantity in this market? Calculate the Consu

Define it and explain how it relates to the ppc

The Production Possibilities Model is one of the first Economic Models students learn about. Please explain what the mode teaches us. Please explain each of the 4 assumptions

Describe some important incident-historical figure

Describe some important incident, historical figure, cultural value, or movement Woodard mentions which you knew nothing about, and explain it's importance in American history

Interpret the regression constant and regression coefficient

Write the regression equation. 2. Interpret the regression constant and regression coefficient, 3. Forecast a value for the dependent variable,4. Test the significant of the r

Student-loan debt

A college student has $55,000 in student-loan debt at the end of her senior year. The interest rate on this debt is 0.5% per month. If monthly payments on this loan are $913,


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