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There is 6 Questions about EHR, read it carefully and answer all questions. Some of them as key words only. Make sure that you well cover all questions as the order.

Part -1:

1. Identifies two important types of bridging systems and list two difference between them.

2. Identifies three advantages of clinical messaging systems and show how they benefit the patient directly.

Part -2:

1. Identifies six challenges that healthcare organisations face in EHR adoption.

2. Identifies four benefits of "hands free" (e.g Natural Language Processing) can help secure clinician buy-in for an EHR system.

Part -3:

1. Create a mind map for the training & support strategies for EHR implementation. Write the key words only in your mind map.

2. For your mind map key words, write 400 words about it with APA reference style.

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Reference no: EM13855965

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