Important types of bridging systems
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There is 6 Questions about EHR, read it carefully and answer all questions. Some of them as key words only. Make sure that you well cover all questions as the order.

Part -1:

1. Identifies two important types of bridging systems and list two difference between them.

2. Identifies three advantages of clinical messaging systems and show how they benefit the patient directly.

Part -2:

1. Identifies six challenges that healthcare organisations face in EHR adoption.

2. Identifies four benefits of "hands free" (e.g Natural Language Processing) can help secure clinician buy-in for an EHR system.

Part -3:

1. Create a mind map for the training & support strategies for EHR implementation. Write the key words only in your mind map.

2. For your mind map key words, write 400 words about it with APA reference style.


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1. The two important bridging systems include EMR and EHR.There is difference in between these two systems. They include-

EMR: It refers to Electronic medical records, contains medical and treatment data related to patient.

EHR: It refers to Electronic health records, does all the activities like EMR, but it also goes beyond in collecting data from health care organization and also compiles the data and is built to share data with other health care organizations, so it has more advantage when compared with EMR.

2. Its advantages mainly include

Tracking patient’s information over time,

Identifying easily the patients in due for preventive checkup’s and screenings or vaccinations and

Also used for monitoring and improving overall quality of care.

1. Six challenges faced in health care organizations during EHR adoption
Besides cost, time and preparation important challenges in EHR adoption include-

Vendors availability,
Rollout strategy,
Culture and

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