Important factor in modern supply chains

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Work should be underpinned by theories, examples and supported by extensive references, and graphs

Remember to include a list of references used at the end of the report (presented Harvard style).

Please structure the assignment as a report - include: Title Page - table of Contents - Introduction - Main Section - Conclusions, summary and Recommendations - References.

3,000 words (+/- 10%). Do not include References in the word count.

Scope (Outstanding clarity of focus, includes what is important, and excludes irrelevant issues.)

Understanding of subject matter (Outstanding with critical awareness of relevance of issues. Outstanding expression of ideas.)

Literature review (Comprehensive literature review. Evaluation and synthesis of source material to produce an outstanding contribution.)

Critical analysis based on evidence (Standard of critical analysis - showing questioning of sources, understanding of bias, independence of thought)

Structure of argument, leading to conclusion (Well structured, compelling and persuasive argument that leads to a valuable contribution to the field of study, paving the way for future work.)

"Supply Chains are only of any interest to customers when they go wrong. Therefore, Supply Chain Resilience is considered as a very important factor in modern Supply Chains"

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Reference no: EM13870316

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