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The first of the two "undeniable facts" is that any localized population of a species has the potential to produce far more offspring than the local environment can support. This fact is important to understanding evolution because it means that __________. -there is competition for survival among the individuals of the population -the population will ultimately overwhelm its environment, causing the environment to collapse - the species that has the greatest numbers will be able to dominate over other species within its environment - the population will tend to grow with time

Reference no: EM1398544

Find the independent variable

Determine which variable is the independent variable--the variable that was controlled by the researchers? Is the independent variable on the  x -axis or the  y -axis?

What is the advantage of reproducing by seed

What is the ploidy of the gametophyte and the sporophyte? Which generation is the one we associate with a moss plant? How many domains does insulin have? What is the advantage

Water travels over the gills from anterior to posterior

If repressor tetramer uses only two of its subunits to bind to an operator sequence, why is tetramer formation so important to the control of lac operon gene expression.

Determine the dissociation constant

A protein is a trimer, which you suspect may exhibit cooperative binding. Every monomer contains a single binding site for the ligand, A. To investigate this you get the this

Which of the next is not a function of a urinary system

A middle-aged man comes in since he has noticed multiple small, blood-red, raised lesions over his anterior chest and abdomen for past numerous months. They are not painful an

Explain the reason the following description is inaccurate

explain the reason(s) the following description is inaccurate: in both cardiac and skeletal muscle cells, calcium ions enter the cell through Ca-channels in the transverse t

Devise an experiment to test these twoalternatives

Fatal fighting is expectedto occur only when the value of the currently contested resource is muchgreater than the value of resources that could be obtained in the future. H

How will the molecular pathway of hormone-receptor

alter the receptor protein surface so that the receptor can no longer interact with Hsp70 protein, how will the molecular pathway of hormone-receptor interaction be altered?


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