Important causes for recent increase in income inequality
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The World Bank tracked the performance of countries that had undergone varying degrees of globalization since the 1960s. Which of the following was a conclusion of the study?

a. The process of globalization widened the gap between rich countries and poor countries.

b. The growth rates of globalizing countries were higher than the growth rates of nonglobalizers.

c. The fraction of the very poor increased in newly globalized economies.

d. Globalization increased income inequality.

e. Unempolyment increased in newly globalized countires.

Which of the following would be part of the Thai demand for U.S. dollars?

a. A Thai street seller trying to sell a shirt to an American tourist

b. A Thai bank selling dollars it possesses in exchange for euros

c. An American exchanging dollars for Thai bahts that she will spend on her next vacation of Bangkok

d. A Thai export company selling its products in the American markets

e. A Thai importer who wants to buy a Caterpillar tractor.

Which of the following is one of the most important causes for the recent increase in income inequality in China?

a. The introduction of free markets while imposing restrictions on internal migration

b. The introduction of regulations that do not allow families to have more than one child

c. Globalization

d. The increase in pollution as a result of industrialization

e. Tougher government controls on the banking system

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