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In this short report, you will research a current event article that addresses the importance of knowledge/KM in placing an organization at competitive advantage. In this paper you must discuss the highlights of the articles, K-trends, and the challenges to an organization/industry in remaining competitive. Articles may be obtained from any newspaper, business reporting outlet (such as Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, FastTrack, Wired, or Inc.), business periodical, or a documented online, credible news outlet. Examples of the articles are provided in the conference. To answer this question, you must understand KM and strategic alignment as well as the trends impacting the selected industry.

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This problem related to Management Theories and it is an essay on the importance of knowledge management in an organization. Knowledge management today can be regarded as one of the backbones of an organization. The know-how developed by some organizations over the years with regards to not just products or services, but the internal processes and practices are regarded as the most significant sources of knowledge. The solution discusses this further in detail.

Word limit- 1000.

Reference no: EM13825954

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