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Q.1) Willingham addresses the importance of creating a self-picture. In a minimum one paragraph, address how you can create more value for more people than you have been doing?

Q.2) See the below video and address at least one lesson learned from the Zig Ziglar video on closing a sale. A minimum one paragraph is required. mid=4970B6950ED48B1AEF654970B6950ED48B1AEF65&FORM=VIRE

Q.3)  The value of the dollar (measured against the currencies of other important trade partners) has changed a lot in recent months and over the past year. How has it changed and why? What are some effects of the change (on U.S. producers' ability to sell products abroad,, on trends in inflation, or on things like tourism...)

Q.4) Banks and Money Creation

Commercial banks are institutions which obtain funds by accepting deposits, and then lend most of the funds out in order to earn interest. In Chapter 15 there are bank balance sheets which are useful tools for analyzing banks. In these balance sheets everything a bank has is both an asset (something of value the bank has) and a liability (something the bank owes, either to someone outside the bank or to the owners of the bank). What are a bank's liabilities? (According to our book - a simplified bank with only one kind of liability) What are a bank's assets? (According to our book - a simplified bank with only two basic kinds of assets) When does a bank create money (increase M1 - our basic definition of the money supply)? See if you can explain the point at which a bank's actions lead to an increase in M1!!

Option 2.Current U.S. monetary policy

What is monetary policy in the United States today - contractionary (because the Fed fears inflationary dangers the most), neutral, or stimulative (also called "accommodative" or expansionary - the position taken when the Fed seeks to fight high unemployment by increasing the money supply and keeping interest rates low)?

How do you know? (What is the best thing to look at to determine whether monetary policy is tight or stimulative, [hint: one bottom-line indicator is the "key interest rate" the Fed targets, the federal funds rate - is it targeted low or high?]) One thing you can look at for information is the Press Release the Federal Open Market Committee released after its last meeting:

statement: (Links to an external site.)

Is the Fed more concerned about the possibility of inflation rising too high in the near future (so monetary restraint might be in order) or cyclical unemployment staying too high (so monetary stimulus is called for) for the near future? It's actually pretty hard to tell by reading the statement - up until recent months monetary policy has been extraordinarily stimulative, but they are speaking about ending that extreme stimulus soon - check it out.

Monetary policy is always being discussed in the press, so you may find other sources in online newspapers or business journals as well.

Q.5) A GCF analysis involves a combination of business and personal cash flow, plus business and personal debt service. What are the two analytical issues associated with GCF?

Reference no: EM131036096

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