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The National Gang Center is a collaborative effort between the Office of Justice Programs and the OJJDP. Go to their website, Click on Training and Technical Assistance, then click on OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model. Review the 23-minute presentation called "OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model Online Overview." Answer the following questions as an APA formatted essay:

1. The presentation recommends 5 core strategies for gang interventions. Based on the theories studied in Modules 2, 3 and 4, which theory do you believe is best represented in these strategies? Why?

2. Accurately assessing a gang problem is a crucial first step in effective intervention, as noted in the training module. Where would you go to get the most accurate information regarding gang membership and activity in your community? How would you deal with the stereotypes that are often portrayed by the media in your assessment?

3. The training module stresses the importance of combining prevention, intervention and suppression programs for the best outcomes. Based on 100 percent, what percentage would you devote to each? Why? Which of the three do you think would be most effective in your community? Why?

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Reference no: EM13973892

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