Implications of ethical violations in research

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Answer to the following question 50-70 words

What do you think the implications of ethical violations in research could do to your reputation, the reputation of your workplace, and the reputation of the journal in which you published?

Reference no: EM131378423

Define gregg company recently issued two types of bonds

"gregg company recently issued two types of bonds. the first issue consisted of 20 year straight (no warrants attached) bond with an 8% annual coupon. the second issue consi

Prepare a reflection paper on given article

You need to prepare a one single-spaced reflection paper - Read the given articles and then reflect on them, and please avoid summarizing the articles, try pulling out some

What is the author''s affiliation

What is the author's affiliation to any organization related to the subject of the article? Does he or she have an ulterior motive

Determine the mixed construction in sentence

Does this sentence have the mixed construction? ESL. "A link between conceptual and confessional art can be seen in ability of confession to be so raw and powerful.

Effect of the employee stock option

For the company you researched in the first two Units, incorporate the effect of the employee stock option (ESO) plan into the common equity valuation. Be sure to consider b

Explain how the devices are or are not effective

Define the specific rhetorical device, explain how it is used, and analyze whether the persuasive technique is designed to be credible, misleading, descriptive or used for s

How you represent social justice issues in your curriculum

How will you represent social justice issues in your curriculum? What "ground rules" do you think you will need in order to guard against an oppressive atmosphere in your clas

Learn something from the negative example

Which character resonates with you most in The Great Gatsby and why? This might not necessarily be a character you like or one who is like you, but it might be a character


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