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Implementing Change in HR Management coursework - Habitus case study

Your task:

The previous consultant used Weick's sense-making model as a basis for understanding change in the organisation.  You are to adopt this model, or one of its variants, as a change model in your analysis.  You must also choose a diagnostic model that is compatible with the sense-making model.  You should sum up the issues that the organisation is facing, in your view, in the 'Findings' section of your report.

You should then conduct an analysis of these issues, followed by recommendations (see Module Handbook for further details).

CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT for Change in HR Management:

1) Type a brief email to Habitus (case study of Habitus is attached) outlining the current presenting problems as you see them to be included in your report [There is no reference requirement for this section of the work].

2)  Follow up with a full report: HR Changes for Habitus


a) Selected areas from those listed in the email that you have investigated

b) what you intend to do to address the problems outlined

c) suggest a diagnostic and a change model to aid the transfer from theory to practice

d) potential problems with their implementation.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM131406081

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Word count: 2000 – 2200 words. (Please include Executive summary although executive summary does not count in the word count) Sources - MUST USE JOURNALS as references ! A minimum of 15 different journal sources must be used. Can also use books/ e-books but journals are the main source for research required!!! Harvard referencing style please. The assignment must involve a critical evaluation of Managing Change from a HRM perspective it should incorporate a knowledge of the relevant literature and its application.

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