Implementation of electronic health information technology
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Successful Implementation of Electronic Health Information Technology

Since the inception of the HITECH Act, health organizations have faced increased pressure to update their health information technology (HIT) resources. As discussed last week, many believe that the increased use of electronic health records and the quick and efficient communication afforded by HIT can lead to improved quality of patient care. Yet there are significant costs associated with implementing such systems. What can organizations do to ensure that the correct system is selected and that the system will be appropriate for those required to use it? Who should be involved in those decisions?

This week introduces the systems development life cycle and discusses how it can guide an organization through the complexities of adopting a new HIT system. In this Discussion, you are asked to consider the role of nurses in the SDLC process.

To prepare:

• Review the steps of the systems development life cycle.

• Think about your own organization, or one with which you are familiar, and the steps the organization goes through when purchasing and implementing a new HIT system.

• Consider what a nurse could contribute to decisions made at each stage when planning for new health information technology. What might be the consequences of not involving nurses?

• Reflect on your own experiences with your organization selecting and implementing new technology. As an end user, do you feel you had any input in the selection or and planning of the new HIT system?

Post on or before Day

1. an analysis of the ramifications of an organization not involving nurses in each stage of the systems development life cycle (Feasibility, Analysis, Design, Implement, Test, & Maintain) when purchasing and implementing a new HIT system.

2. Give specific examples of potential issues at each stage and how the inclusion of nurses could help avoid such issues.

3. Use 2 course resources as references and 1 additional scholarly reference.

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