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Question: Evaluate existing technologies and their implementation for Homeland Security purposes.

You have been asked to make a recommendation to homeland security agencies to better utilize technology to mitigate illegal border activities. In this assignment, you will develop an essay that captures border security activities and the effectiveness of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology, to thwart illegal border activities.

Your task is to evaluate 3 separate UAV/UAS technologies. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

Tethered aerostat

MQ-9 Predator B

The Shadow

Prepare recommendations for the selected technologies.

Assignment Guidelines

In this assignment, you will evaluate 3 separate UAV/UAS technologies currently in use or in consideration for use for border protection/homeland security.

First, provide brief descriptions of approximately 50-100 words for each UAV/UAS technology selected.

Next, provide a thorough assessment of each. A thorough assessment includes evaluating the following:




Political implications

Your conclusion of 100-200 words should include a priority list numbered 1, 2, and 3 of which technology you recommend as the most advantageous.

Be sure to summarize your final arguments.

All sources should be referenced using APA style.

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Reference no: EM13892331

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