Imperceptilble downslope movement of slope materials
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It is an essay writing the essay about ( the mass wasting process of creep is extremely slow and almost imperceptilble downslope movement of slope materials. for this reason, creep poses no negative impacts to people and the environment. to what extent is this statement valid?)

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Gravitational force of the earth results in the movement of the rock materials in the downward direction.At the point when such movement happens after the materials have been greased up by downpour water from dissolving snow it is alludes to as MASS MOVEMENT. The power included in this procedure is gravity yet it is just ready to apply its impact when the materials conquer their starting imperiousness to movement. This initials resistance is created by the grinding between the materials and fundamental rock mass. Water assumes an essential part in assisting the materials with overcoming this resistance. The greater parts of the movements are moderate adding up to couple of centimeters every year accepts some of the time they can be sudden and quick(Synoptic Description of Mass Movements).

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